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About Us

Trusted Barber Supplier since 2004

With over 200 satisfied barbers, our products are built for the modern day barber.

Our Clients

American Salon Supplies is an online store determined to bring you the best products in Beauty Supplies, Salon Supplies, Personal Care products at competitive prices.

Our product line is growing each day so do visit us frequently for new products and new deals. Please take the time to register and subscribe to our newsletter to receive member exclusive deals and discounts.

American Salon Supplies is located in New Jersey. American Salon Supplies is the envision of the barbers here to help improve the quality and experience of a haircut for other barbers worldwide. Being in the barbershop business for a decade, the tools and skill sets need to be adjusted with time and we are here for you to get you in the best position to improve your craft.

Starting with the best prices on the market, we have a price match guarantee with any authorized reseller to make sure that barbers can fully utilize their capital for the right tools to progress their work.

We will provide you with the best barbering knowledge from maintenance, performance, and use through our videos. (exclusive content for memberships will not be on public services)

We are a barber supply store made by barbers for barbers with the best interest in our clients. We are looking to evolve the barber game and encourage other barbers to give us a chance as we will gladly give free monthly membership codes for those looking to give barbering a chance.

This industry is not looked at with the respect it deserves and to sharpen the knife in this craft is not as simple as many assume it to be. We are here to evolve individuals to become leaders.