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ARDELL Gray Magic Bottle Model #AD-780585, UPC: 074764780584

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ARDELL Gray Magic Bottle Model #AD-780585, UPC: 074764780584

The Ardell Gray Magic Color Additive is a one-of-a-kind method to cover resistant gray hair and bring vibrancy and intensity to every type of hair coloring. Through extensive salon testing on the most resistant gray hair, Gray Magic proved to be superior in performance. The professionals determined it was a must for any colorist. If you have any type of manufactured color, it will holds when Gray Magic is added. This product is compatible with all color tints, toners, and non-peroxide hair colors.This highly concentrated additive must be used with hair color to achieve complete coverage on resistant gray hair. If you have red color, it will be enriched and intensified. When added to neutralizers, it will replenish color if you are perming tinted red or warm colors.

Features & Benefits:

  • Compatible with any brand of hair color.
  • Extends the life of hair color & decreases fading.
  • Increases coverage on even the most resistant gray hair.