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Gummy Beard And Moustache Oil 50 ml Model #GU-GU124, UPC: 8691988009899


Gummy Beard And Moustache Oil 50 ml Model #GU-GU124, UPC: 8691988009899

The combination of Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil,

Which is vital for the natural care of your beard, Argan Oil moisturizes, Almond Oil strengthens, Jojoba Oil nourishes, Coconut Oil gives shine.

REPAIR, MOISTURIZE AND FORTIFY - Our premium oil blend is lightweight, not greasy, and glides on easily with no residue buildup. Beards are left smooth, lustrous, and manageable; skin moisturized and conditioned.

EXPERTLY BLENDED PREMIUM OILS - Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Argan Kernel Oil, Rice Bran Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Sunflower Extract, Tocopherols, Pure Essential Oils.

Fonex, a professional men’s cosmetics brand, has become an indispensable choice for men’s hair salons and consumers in Europe and in the world thanks to its innovative, technical and functional products manufactured under the roof of Fonex Cosmetics.


Put three to five drops of beard oil in the palms of your hands and massage it into your entire beard in a downward motion. Do this when your beard is damp, but not drenched. Make sure to work it through your entire beard. If your beard is long or thick, use a comb to make sure the beard oil gets evenly distributed.