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Gummy Hair Gel KERATIN Model #GU-GU103

Gummy Hair Gel KERATIN Model #GU-GU103

While its ultra-strong hold styles the hair; the keratin content provides hair care.

The provitamin B5 (panthenol) content helps to strengthen the hair strands.

Thanks to the keratin content; it helps the hair to look brighter and smoother as well as nourishing it.

As a result of strengthening the hair strands from root to tip; it helps to increase the elasticity of the hair, makes it stronger, softer and nourished.

It does not leave any residue.

Fonex, a professional men’s cosmetics brand, has become an indispensable choice for men’s hair salons and consumers in Europe and in the world thanks to its innovative, technical and functional products manufactured under the roof of Fonex Cosmetics.


Apply by hand to damp hair, shaping with fingers to make desired look.