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HOT TOOLS Ionic Dryer Model #HO-HT7019, UPC: 078729470190

HOT TOOLS Ionic Dryer Model #HO-HT7019, UPC: 078729470190

When it comes to a blow dryer, two words are music to the ears: fast and smooth. This pink tool delivers both, thanks to unique ion technology and a powerful, 1875-watt motor! Now you can achieve salon-quality blowouts, even when you're running late! Say Goodbye to Frizz Negative ions have another important superpower-they're the enemies of frizz. So even in the driest environments, they'll prevent the static and moisture depletion that can lead to the frizz and flyaways that diminish the perfection of your blowout. Options, Lots of Options Hair is like a snowflake-no two heads are alike. Yours may be fine as silk or heavy as rope; curly or pin straight; cut into a cute pixie or practically grazing your waist. Choosing the right dryer temperature and speed will help you create the look that's best for your hair-quickly and safely. That's why the multi speed options is a no-brainer-you can pick the precise combination your hair needs!

Features & Benefits:
  • 1875W Powerful Airflow
  • Ionic Technology for less frizz
  • Cool Shot Button to set the style
  • Multiple Heat/Speed Settings
  • 8 ft Professional Cord