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HOT TOOLS Turbo Ionic Dryer - Bee Beautiful Model #HO-HT7019YW, UPC: 078729170199

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HOT TOOLS Turbo Ionic Dryer - Bee Beautiful Model #HO-HT7019YW, UPC: 078729170199

Have you heard the buzz? This honey of a blow dryer is quite simply the cutest and most effective way to style your hair! It’s all about the ions and the ceramic, which team up to help produce the smoothest, sleekest results With every blowout! No wonder stylists prefer the award-winning HOT Tools brand! Frizz happens when moisture sneaks underneath the outer layer of the hair surface and causes it to swell. Bee Blown Away reduces that, thanks to its technology. Your hair will be soft, lustrous and less frizzy! Not to get all science or anything like that, but the Bee Blown Away’s proprietary Ion Technology is really something. That’s because negative ions maintain a neutral charge on the surface of the hair. And that means the dryer leaves your hair looking and feeling conditioned and smooth while reducing frizz and static. Did you know yellow is the happiest color there is? That’s why you can’t look at this lively little tool without cracking a smile! What’s more, it’s as powerful as it is pretty, thanks to the European-powered performance. And miraculously, even though it dries your hair quickly and masterfully, it weighs next to nothing. Voltage: 110V.

Features & Benefits:
  • The lightweight motor features state-of-the-art engineering-it’s super quiet and feather-light, while offering maximum airflow.
  • 1875 watts of power help cut down on drying time.
  • Six speeds and heat combinations With separate switches, let you configure your dryer for every type of hair.
  • Weighing in at a mere 15.31 ounces to alleviate your arm and wrist while styling.
  • Soft Touch Finish helps make gripping the dryer comfortable and secure.