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MARMARA BARBER Cologne Graffiti 400ml - No.25 Model #YJ-GL-GRAF400-NO25, UPC: 8691541004002

MARMARA BARBER Cologne Graffiti 400ml - No.25 Model #YJ-GL-GRAF400-NO25, UPC: 8691541004002

Barber Cologne is designed to change the aura right after shaving with its unique scents and skin refreshing formula. You will feel clean with its refreshing scent. The ingredients protect the skin from ailments and damage such as redness, acne, dryness, inflammation. In addition, Barber Cologne provides the moisture and revitalization that the skin needs. It is effective for a long time. High alcohol cleanses your skin. Marmara Barber Cologne gives a feeling of cleanliness and comfort for a long time with its cool and refreshing lasting scent. Enjoy your shaving pleasure all day long with Marmara Barber Cologne after a perfect shave.


Citrus", Juniper


Jasmine, Lavender, Rose


Ambergris, Cedarwood, Sandalwood

Features & Benefits:
  • Cools, cleans and refreshes the skin after wet shaving. It prevents reddening of the skin, shaving burns as well as facial shaving bumps.
  • Suitable for all skin types and daily skin care.
  • Whether after a shave or after a long day on the move, the Eau de Cologne BARBER fragrance range has a very refreshing, invigorating, stimulating, mood-enhancing and stimulating effect.
  • Your skin will be relaxed and moisturized.
  • Razor burn, razor bumps and unpleasant inflammation are prevented.