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Nishman Hair Building Keratin Fiber + Locking Mist Set

Nishman Hair Building Keratin Fiber + Locking Mist Set

Your hair will become fuller in seconds and will have a lush and natural appearance. With this product, the image created on your hair will be a completely natural look and no one will be able to notice it.

Features & Benefits:
  • With 4 different color variants...
  • Superior professional hairdressing quality.
  • It is made up of keratin fibers, like your hair, which is made up of the protein keratin.
  • The optimal solution for men and women.
  • In just two easy steps for full and natural hair.
  • Set includes: 21 g keratin fiber hair and 100 ml fiberhold spray.
Use of;

After keeping your hair clean and dry as usual, you can proceed to the application. Choose the color that suits your hair. Shake the bottle of the product with the help of the stopper on the sparse area in your hair that you want to cover or fill, from a distance of 10 cm. After this process, it is recommended to use Nishman Stabilizer spray again to prevent the product from flying in weather conditions. We recommend using the Nishman application pump (applicator) when it is desired to be applied to a thinner, sparse or restricted area.