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Silvermax (Euromax) Platinum Single Edge Blades

Silvermax (Euromax) Platinum Single Edge Blades

Silvermax blades are made of high quality Japanese steel, covered with a unique technology of 5 different layers of metals and polymers, these blades easily cope with hard and thick bristles. Designed for use in tipped, special hazard razors with replaceable blades that use half the standard blades. These blades are high quality for professional use - 1/2 blade for a great shave. Each of these blades is wrapped in wax paper for extra protection and sterile storage.

Features & Benefits:
  • Platinum Japanese steel blade
  • Effortless & smooth shave
  • Hygiene razor, safe & luxurious shave
  • Each razor blade is individually wrapped in wax paper
  • The sharpest single edge razor blades
  • Sharpest single-edge razor blades
  • Original quality from Euromax
  • Smooth edges & longer lasting