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STYLECRAFT Protégé - Professional Supercharged Motor Cordless Hair Trimmer Model #SCHP, UPC: 850022298110

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STYLECRAFT Protégé - Professional Supercharged Motor Cordless Hair Trimmer Model #SCHP, UPC: 850022298110

A classic reimagined. The Protege Trimmer pays attention to detail with a fully adjustable blade for the closets cut and finish. Our trimmer is the one tool you need to create those fine, detailed edges along the hairline. It's specifically designed for precision edging, outlining, and light shaping around the areas that need it. The supercharged rotary motor is powerful enough to cut through any type of hair in a single pass. Low noise and vibration for comfort and stability, along with a Lithium-ion battery that delivery 4-hours of cordless run-time with a 2-hour recharge. Use the micro-USB to recharge as well as convenience and worldwide use. Charging stand sold separately.The drop-top lid can be removed to expose the blade, which then helps improve your sightline for enhanced cutting and trimming accuracy. But aside from that, this feature also helps the blade stay cool during the operation since it allows heat to dissipate much quicker. The blades on our trimmer are made from premium quality Japanese Stainless Steel. They are super sharp and offer a consistent cut at all times without pulling or tugging at the hair strands. The blades are also non-corrosive and the edges retain their sharpness even after a long time. Three trimmer guards 1/2", 1", and 1.5" along with a cleaning/maintenance kit and min screwdriver are included in the box.**** Please note we test all of our Clippers and Trimmers on a sterile wig head for quality control. Sometimes little white hairs can appear on the blade. Some may think the blade or tool is used, and it is Not. Simply brush the test hairs from the blade and apply 1 drop of clipper oil. Blade oil is imperative for the clipper or trimmer to function properly. All of our tools are well oiled in production and ready to use right out of the box. You are welcome to wipe any excess and apply more oil after many uses. For more information and guidance,

Features & Benefits:
  • Supercharged rotary motor powerful to cut through any hair type
  • Japanese high quality Stainless-Steel blade is fully adjustable zero gap
  • Lithium-ion battery delivers a leading 4-hours of cordless run-time with a 2-hour rapid charge
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Universal micro-USB rechargeable for convenience and worldwide use
  • Modular custom body kits capability is easily upgradeable and interchangeable components sold separately
  • Removable drop top option for skeleton style design
  • 3 trimmer guards (1/2", 1", 1.5")
  • Includes: trimmer, Stainless-Steel blade, stainless steel deep tooth cutter, 3 guards (1/2", 1", 1.5"), charging cord, and cleaning/maintenance kit and mini screwdriver