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STYLECRAFT Wireless Prodigy Silver Slick Replacement Foils Red Model #ZZ-SCWPSFR, UPC: 850022298622

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STYLECRAFT Wireless Prodigy Silver Slick Replacement Foils Red Model #ZZ-SCWPSFR, UPC: 850022298622

This replacement foil head is compatible with the StyleCraft Wireless Prodigy shaver only. Specially designed for long hair, the silver slick foil glides over your skin for a super comfortable close shave. Meant for trimming and shaving beards, mustaches, sideburns, bald heads, and the back of the neck. It is also great for creating straight, clean lines. And, because the Prodigy shaver is cordless, you'll have no trouble maneuvering it and getting the necessary angles to achieve your desired style. Replacing your blades gives you a better, closer shave with fewer nicks and cuts to the skin. Easy to clean and disinfect. For best operation, clean your foils regularly or daily depending on usage by rinsing with warm water and lightly brushing with a small soft bristle brush to remove debris.How to replace the foil head: Make sure the device is in the OFF position. Hold down the head release button on the side of the device and remove the shaver head. Snap the new shaver head onto the device, starting on the left side, and then push down until it clicks into place. Do not force it. Turn on the machine to make sure the foil head is secure before using it.

Features & Benefits:
  • REPLACEMENT HEAD fits the StyleCraft and GAMMA+ Wireless Prodigy Foil Shaver
  • SUPERIOR SILVER SLICK foils for a smooth shave and closest cut can feed and cut longer hair better than standard foils
  • STAGGERED, INDEPENDENT, SMART CONTOURING shaver heads adjust to any shape for the closest possible uniform shave
  • FOR BEST PERFORMANCE clean regularly with a brush and warm water, snaps right into place with little force